Selecting a keyboard in an Apple Mac

For Apple computers, the Lomak needs to be recognised as a standard 102-key keyboard that acts just like the Mac keyboard.

The notes on this page are for Mac computers with US keyboards. For Macs sold in international markets, give the responses which apply to the keyboard in use (in place of "z" and "/" below).

The keyboard recognition procedure is carried out by the Keyboard Setup Assistant, which automatically activates the first time that the Lomak is plugged into the Mac. To launch this assistant subsequently, you need to go to the System Preferences panel, open the Keyboard & Mouse dialog, and click the Change Keyboard Type button.

  • Plug the Lomak into a USB port on the computer itself. Do not connect to a USB socket on a keyboard hub or other low-power port as Mac-OS will reject such an attempt.
  • The Lomak will start up and its middle green circle will illuminate to indicate that it is in keyboard mode and ready to be used. If the Lomak does not start up, you will need to connect it to the Mac using a short USB extension cable.
  • The Keyboard Setup Assistant will report that it cannot identify the keyboard and it will ask two questions. Give the responses as if it was a standard Apple keyboard, as follows.
  • In response to the request to “type the key immediately to the right of Left Shift”, click z and Confirm. (For the Notesai keyboard, you need to click the sequence A-Shift, Confirm (in the Alphabet circle), z, Confirm. This will send a z to the Mac.)
  • In response to the request to “type the key immediately to the left of Right Shift”, click “/” (the forward slash character on the left circle) and Confirm. Be sure to click the forward slash “/” key.
  • Then select the option that says “ANSI (United States and others) Standard 101-key or 102-key keyboard”. To do this, click Enter and Confirm.
  • The Lomak needs to be set to its Apple Mac layout in order for you to access the special keys for sound control and CD drive eject. Similarly, the Notesai needs to be set to the Apple Mac Notesai layout. Refer to Setting the keyboard layout in the User preferences page for instructions.